X-Cellerate Groups

Xcellerate is the process of making disciples that will multiply rapidly. The very name defines the process that we use for making disciples. The explanation is in the name- X-Cell-Erate. Algebraic equations use the letter X to represent the missing element of the equation. In the American church the part that is absent in most churches is a discipleship environment that reproduces disciples and creates an environment of life transformation. It’s obvious that this piece is missing because most of our churches efforts don’t result in creating a movement of discipleship.


We have discovered that when you place people into small “cell” clusters of three or more they can reproduce new disciples rapidly. We focus on providing the proper training and environment that enables this to occur.


The suffix “erate” means to cause to happen in an intensified manner. This process creates a culture that increases their maturity at a rapid pace, prompting them to reproduce quickly. Jesus invested his time and energy in a small “cell” of leaders who quickly became “erated”. In a few months they increased their “speed” to be able to lead this movement that changed the world through the work of the Holy Spirit.

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