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As many of you are returning back to our in-person worship service, you are noticing we have added quite a bit of new people to the Together Church family. It can be easy for us to just walk past unfamiliar faces, but I want to encourage you to be intentional about getting to know your church family. 

Together Church is made up of some very unique people. Did you know that in our church family we have a former pastor, missionaries, an arborist, a principal, and we even have a family that runs a successful flower business (just to name a few)? My challenge to you this week is to get to know one person in our church family that you do not know. Learn one thing about them. 

Here are three ways you can get to know people at Together Church. 

#1 - Linger after service. 

When the service is over, don’t rush to the parking lot. Take your time. Grab a chair or some pipe and drape and introduce yourself to someone. Stop by the New Here Desk and meet one of our hosts. If you have children in Together Kids, talk to the other parents and the volunteers. They aren’t too busy to talk with you. 

#2 - Join a small group. 

One of the best ways to “do life” with people is to join a small group. At Together, we call them Together groups, because we want community to develop there. Whether it’s 50, 500, or 5,000 people in a church service, it’s tough to talk about life on Sunday morning. So these Together groups meet in homes throughout the week. You can give one a try, and if it’s not right, you can try another one. 

For a full list of Together groups, email us at

#3 - Join a volunteer team. 

This is one of the best ways to get to know people. No matter your stage in life, there’s a certain camaraderie from working together. For example, the guys who work on our production crew, have become like family. The same goes for our Together Kids crew. Serving at Together isn’t complicated. 


I would love to help you find a place to use your gifting. We have opportunities to serve in Youth, Kids, Checkin, and at our New Here desk. If any of these areas interest you personally email me at so I can help you get connected. 


Those are just three ways you can meet people and make church feel a whole lot smaller!