What is Covenant Membership?

Over and over again in the Scriptures God makes covenants (sacred promises) with his people. In the process, he calls them to a pattern of life and worship that is best for them and most glorifying to him. In addition to divine covenants, you will find a variety of human covenants in the bible, where people make different kinds of commitments to one another. These biblical realities represent the heart behind Covenant Membership at Together Church, and it’s why we’ve intentionally adopted the language of “Covenant Members” and “Covenant Membership” instead of the more traditional language of “members” and “membership.”

Membership in our culture brings to mind ideas of privileges and rights that members receive if they pay certain dues. vs. Covenant Membership communicates active participation, intentionality and mutual commitment within the context of a sacred relationship between God and all those who choose it.

Covenant Membership reminds us that we are more than just fans, we are followers of Jesus, bought with his precious blood. We are willingly bound together as one body, one family, one people, committed to one mission greater than ourselves.

We invite you to become a covenant member

The local church is the way that God has chosen to make disciples and spread the gospel. Membership at Together Church is an invitation to be a part of our local church. It’s about making a decision to give your time, talents and resources to a community of faith and joining us as we pursue our mission.

Love God. Love people. Make disciples of Jesus Everywhere.

Why become a member of Together Church or any other church?

It’s true: You won’t find any reference to church membership in the Bible, but the concept is everywhere.

From what we can tell, in the New Testament, you didn’t sign a paper or go upfront after service to move your membership from one church to the next. But the concept of belonging to a group of believers, under the authority of church elders, is all over the Scriptures.

When we receive the gift of salvation, we are not only saved into a relationship with God, but we are saved into a community of believers, the Church. Belonging and becoming a member of a local church is the way we affirm and live out that reality. We commit our lives to Christ and to one another because we need one another. It’s with and through other Christians that we grow as disciples and make disciples.


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