At the Together Church, our mission is simple: Introduce people to Jesus and TOGETHER help them follow Him. But here is what we know: If you follow Jesus, you too will help others follow Jesus. This is called fulfilling the Great Commission where Jesus said to “go and make disciples”. And that, is called multiplication.


We want you to know what this looks like, so we made this into what we call the multiplication pathway.

We want every person to Know Jesus, love one another, serve others, and multiply disciples.

As someone who is following Jesus and growing as a disciple maker, we hope you’ll be involved in these 4 areas:


We want you to know Jesus more through weekly worship gatherings as one of our communicators teaches relevant gospel truths from scripture.

Find Community

We want you to find your people in community through one of our Together Groups that meets each week to discuss how to live out the scriptures

Get Involved

We want you to make a difference in the community by being on one of our Together teams, mission groups or through your own personal endeavors to serve those around you


We want the gospel to take root in you as you multiply disciples in an X-Group of 3-5 people that meets for 12 – 18 months

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