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How often do we actually “wait quietly”? Usually, when we are waiting for something, everyone knows about it.

Whether we are excited or dreading what’s coming, it’s hard for us to hide our impatience. We do not live in a society that values stillness. Maybe that’s what makes the seasons of waiting so hard.

Really, when you think about it, when we find ourselves in seasons of waiting, we are either waiting for the smoke to clear, tucked away in our homes, or we are skipping over the season completely, wanting to forego the stillness, the fear.

Lamentations encourages us that, “The Lord is good to those who wait,” like our King knows how hard it is for the human heart to actually do.

The author of Lamentations, Jeremiah, continues with a command: “Wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”

I have never been good at waiting for anything quietly. This isn’t to mean that we aren’t supposed to voice our struggles or hopes in seasons of waiting. Our Father isn’t asking us to ignore or disown our feelings, anxieties, or dreams—He wants us to bring those to Him.

But when I’m waiting for God, don’t I cause a ruckus? Oh, the fits and tantrums I throw when yet another moment of waiting goes by. If I’m being really honest, it’s easier for me to shrug off the waiting and try to get what I want my way.

And I’m telling you all of this today because I want to be better at “waiting quietly.” I also want to encourage you if you are in a season of waiting right now: waiting is a fruit of hopeful- ness; it’s a product of trust and faith.

Waiting “quietly,” without complaint, only holding fast to the belief that He is still going to show up.

Because God is still going to show up.  Ask yourself this today: Are you still holding onto hope?