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Have you ever felt like your day, week or even your month has been busy?

I’m guessing that is a question I don’t have to ask because we all know this is true for so many of our lives. Whether it is our current season, a season we are heading into or just left, we all have the times of busyness. 

Most often we feel a tendency to believe if we can get it all done, if every item on our checklist can be crossed off or we can make one last phone call then we will be satisfied and know we have done good work. But does this really satisfy? Maybe for a moment or even for a few hours, but eventually the feeling can creep back in, and we make a new list, see more calls, emails, or conversations to be had. 

Do you ever wonder how to find rest from all of this? 

The best example to find lasting rest and rejuvenation is from Jesus. Let’s be honest, Jesus was a busy man who had so many people vying for his attention, time, and abilities. He was constantly being asked questions not only by those who were critical of him, but even his most beloved followers. People wanted to be in the presence of him and would follow along from town to town or make a trek outside of town to catch a glimpse of who this Jesus man was. Then his abilities, Jesus healed many, fed many and extended care to those who were overlooked. 

So, what do we see from Jesus? Does he go full speed, go to Starbucks, and order a double shot of espresso to go so he can keep moving? 

No, Jesus retreats to be alone. 

You may be thinking, wait doesn’t Jesus have so much to accomplish while he was on earth? There are so many people who need to hear the news he must share and plenty more to be healed. Jesus’ list was endless, but he still made a point to be alone and pray. 

Jesus knew the importance of silence, stillness, and a chance to be alone with Our Father. This is how he rejuvenated, processed what was next for him and how he could be the best he could be to those he interacted with.

What do you need to do this week? Can you find 5 minutes to step away, sit alone, go on a walk without listening to music or a podcast?