Introductory Price

Robbieforeman   -  

Have you ever signed up for something – maybe cable or a cell phone or something like that – and gotten a really low introductory rate? Things are going well, and then maybe a year later, your bill just jumps up. Sometimes, this happens without warning. Sometimes, people don’t notice until months later. 

The good deal turns out to be not that good of a deal. Low price up front…really expensive on the back end. It’s kind of like a bait and switch, isn’t it? And you don’t feel good about it. Even if you knew the price was going to go up, when it happens, you don’t like it. You’re kind of angry. 

So many things in our world are like that.  We think we’re getting one thing, and maybe we do for a while, but then it’s a whole different story. It appears good now, we pay for it later.  Companies do that all the time, but aren’t you glad God never does that with us? His promises are true yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And forever. 

He’s never going to trick you into following him. He’s never going to pull the rug out from under you. 

We try to model that here at Together Church too. That’s why we’re really clear when we receive offerings. We’re not trying to sneak it in on you or guilt you into participation. We DO want you to know it’s important, and we’re proud of the ministry we get to do in our community. 

All of it is made possible by people who give. So, if that’s you…thank you. If you want to give…thank you. 

It really means a lot. 

3 Ways to Give:

-Give on Sunday Morning during our offering time

-Give online at

-Text the words “Give Together” to (833) 723-3257