Be a Goldfish

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Have you seen the show Ted Lasso? 

If you haven’t, that’s okay, I’m going to give you some context for what I am about it say. 

Ted Lasso is a show about an American Football Coach from the Wichita State Shockers who accepts a job as a European Futbol (“soccer” as we say here in America) head coach. He knows nothing about the sport but brings a whole new coaching style and philosophy to the organization. 

Coach Lasso walks into a soccer club that has been losing for years. The team is terrible and the whole organization has a really bad attitude towards each other. Teamwork doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary no matter if they are a player on the field or an employee in the front office. 

So here comes Ted Lasso, a perennially positive person who can always and a way to see what good can come of a bad situation. He continues to see the greatness in each person even when the individual continues to give more reasons for someone to doubt if they even have it in them to care about people other than themselves.  During one practice, a player named Sam is having a hard time letting go of the mistakes he made on the field. When he messes up, he holds it with him for the rest of the practice and lets it drag him down. He is a great player, but he allows those few mistakes to define him. 

Coach Lasso calls him over during one of the practices and asks, “Do you know what the happiest animal on earth is? A goldfish. You know why?” Sam says, “Uhh, no” To which Ted responds, “Got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam”. 

Now Sam walks on a little confused, but later in the show, this fact about a goldfish comes back around. This is a reminder to move forward from those small mistakes in our lives. We don’t have to let them define us or be something we dwell on. 

Are you stuck on a small moment, conversation, or mistake you may have made and letting it really get to you? 

Well, why not try and be like the happiest animal on earth, a goldfish. Accept it, acknowledge it, but then move forward. 

I hope this provides you with a little bit of freedom. Too often for myself I will let the little mistakes build up and make a bigger deal of them. Know you are better than this and have a 10-second memory, 

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