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Is just me, or did June and July last for about 30 seconds? I blinked, and August was here. This is why the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 90:12, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” The request “teach us to number our days” means that we need God to reveal to us the brevity of life. That revelation will help us grow wise, and wisdom is important because the choices we make during our brief stay on earth have eternal consequences. So we believe we need to make the most of every opportunity on this side of Heaven. 

As we start a new season here at Together Church, we want to be laser-focused on what’s important and what is important is the great commission. The first step in the great commission is putting yourself into a disciple group.  We need each other. We understand we are all on our journey with God and that our faith is supposed to be personal, but it was never meant to be private. We believe that healthy, life-giving relationships are where real life-change happens and where our faith is worked out. We share our lives with each other through disciple group communities because we all need a group of friends who can push us, comfort us, and encourage us. At Together Church, we value deep, authentic relationships and will be people who fight for unity, are insanely loyal to Jesus, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and love each other deeply.

This year I am praying that you will push yourself to take 1 of 3 steps…

Step 1: Get in a disciple group! We have groups that meet during the week at different times. Let us help you find a group! Visit this link to sign up for more information—>

Step 2
: If you are already in a disciple group, take steps to help co-lead. Be consistent in attending, add to the conversation, and help shepherd those in your group. 

Step 3
: Host a disciple group. Leading a group is easy. You take the sermon outline from Sunday morning and discuss it with a group of people over finger foods. Then you ask how we can apply this to our lives. We can help you lead healthy and vibrant groups. This season, we are looking to launch several new groups because we need a place for people to connect. I am specifically praying for another women’s group and a men’s group to launch. 

We have two new groups launching this fall!

Group 1: 

Apologetics Discipleship Group 

Leader: Doug Burgess 

Time and Date: TBA 


In this group, you will learn how to effectively and gracefully defend your faith amid our current culture. Doug brings a great perspective and approach to how to defend our faith.  You can sign up for more information here—>

Group 2: 

The Book of John 

Leader: Robbie Foreman 

Time and Date: Wednesdays at noon [We will also host this group in-person and on zoom]

This disciple group will dig deep into the book of John, focusing on Jesus’ divinity as revealed in the disciple’s writing. We live in a world that loves Jesus as a teacher but doesn’t care for Him much as God. The truth is, though, that we can’t have one without the other. Jesus didn’t come as simply a wise man, but as both fully God and fully man. How we react to this truth will affect how seriously we take our Christian faith. To accept Christ is to go all in, offering Him our entire lives.

The Gospel of John bids us to “come and see” the person of Jesus, detailing his divinity through both His ability to save us and through His victory over sin and death.

You can sign up here—>


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