Prayer Service

Dr. Robbie Foreman   -  

For those who have not been able to be back with us physically, we miss seeing you! I wanted to let everyone know about a really cool opportunity coming up this weekend.

1. Prayer Service:
This weekend (July 19th) we will host a drop-in prayer service from 10am-11:30am. We will have prayer stations set-up through out the gym with instructions for you to follow. This will be self-guided and you can take as much time as you would like at each station. There will be no sermon, no live worship music, just a time for us to pray and hear from God. We will broadcast a sermon on Facebook and at on Sunday at 9:00am and it will repeat throughout the day.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Apostle Paul says, “Never stop praying”. We want to be a church that postures ourselves before the living and Holy God and eagerly wait to hear a word from Him. This Sunday will give us that opportunity. I want to encourage you to be apart of this time. I also know you are already making excuses in your head, because thats the something I use to do when I heard the words “Prayer Service”.

Excuse 1: Since there will be no music and teaching I don’t need to go.—-> As much as I love our worship music and team, and the okay sermons, I can tell you that this service can have a much bigger impact if you come expectant to hear from God.

Excuse 2: It will be weird.—> Weird no. Different yes.

Excuse 3: I don’t know how to pray.—> The best way to learn is to start. I remember the first time I prayed…it felt strange and awkward. But I as I kept praying I realized that God was listening and He wanted to me to talk with Him. This is a great article that can be very helpful in learning how to pray. To simplify it…talk to God as you would to a friend. He hears you.

Excuse 3: I have kids.—> Thats cool! This will be a great opportunity for them to learn about prayer and for you to model it, even if its your first time praying.

Let’s come this weekend (drop-in) with an expectation that God is going to meet us (because He is) and that He is going to hear us (because He will). I praying for each you especially during this time!