Covid-19 Update

Dr. Robbie Foreman   -  

Starting today we are going to do our part to “flatten the curve”. But we will STILL worship and STILL have church! Instead of meeting at St. Johns, we will have dozens of worship locations of 10-12 people in homes all around our community. Here’s how:

1. Together Groups will gather to worship together with our online services leading the time. Our online service will be broadcast via youtube and facebook at 10:00 AM Sunday morning.

2. Not in a Together Group? Invite 8-10 of your healthy family, friends, and neighbors to join you, and tune in to the online worship service together.

3. If you don’t feel comfortable gathering, watch with your family. We will provide things for kids as well.

4. Contact us at or message us here on Facebook in order to get connected to one of our Together Groups.

Remember that the Church began with just people, the Holy Spirit, and the Gospel. The building may be closed, but the Church is very much alive. The church is NOT what happens in a building for an hour on Sundays. WE are the Church! Now we get to be the Church when it matters most! This is what we have been learning from day one at Together Church! Let’s CONTINUE to be the Church.